Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Night's Outing in the Rain

So it was pouring rain outside yesterday not fun. Especially when i spent 2hrs straightening my hair the night before ugh! But all went well and i had a lot of fun playing with puppies having good food with good friends. I am so bummed I didn't take a picture of the food that on of my friends Jill made it was the best salad I have ever had! Mozzarella cheese, Basil, Balsamic Vintager and Olive oil, with some fresh Tomatoes yummy! We also had some yummy scallops and pasta soooo good! After dinner we had a couple of bottles of wine heehee and played with the dogs while gossiping and having some good old fashion girl talk. It was a great night for a rainy blah day.
These bottles were so awesome all sketchy and doodled up it was pretty cool and pretty much the reason why I bought them haha. 
cutest tinniest puppy ever! Her name is Zoe :)

And this cutie is Gracie. this dog is the most best behaved dog ever and she loovvees car rides.

my friends Jill who made the amazing dinner and Amanda

Oh and last night i got new nail polish in the mail and they are all neon colors!!! I am in love!

This picture of my nails didn't come out very well the polish is actually really bright and bold colors.

Nail Polish from American Apparel 

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