Friday, July 8, 2011

Random art/ models

So i am in such a good mood today even though it's a rainy miserable day out. I have on my awesome bright neon yellow nail polish (It looks like I painted my nails with a yellow highlighter haha). Second is because it's friday and third because I am now #1 on the up and coming list on bloglovin for the art section!! So excited for that and thank you to all the people that have followed me (haha so mostly to my family). But please if you haven't all ready hit the follow me button on bloglovin please hit the follow me on bloglovin button to the right :) Anyway I have been looking at my blogroll and spotted these amazing finds.

These miniature items in a bottle are by a professional model maker for an architecture firm (envious!) by the name of Akinobu (they are available on etsy here)
I really love miniature thing they are so fun!

I also was really excited about these objects/models made from colorful paper made by Lucie Thomas and Thibault Zimmermann from the design studio of Zim and Zou. 

Such a throw back to the early 90's I love it!
Images from Colossal

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