Monday, August 1, 2011

Movies of the week

Well this weekend was a mix of things from great to mellow to debbie downer. The downer part was just me thinking way to hard on things that can't be changed right now but there is always later. You have to think of the glass half full right? There are things out there that could be a lot worse then whats happening to me (in my head) right now. Ah that feels better :) So anyway the good parts were awesome. a friend is coming to stay with me on wednesday for a week and a half yay. So to get ready I looked at some old pictures of us and it made me laugh so hard at some of the wacky things we did. (I am not sharing those picture for one do you remember your first year of college ;) and second I didn't scan any on my computer). Another good thing is I just made plans for the next craft night with the girls yay number two! So I have been watching a bunch of sad movies because I am an emotional cutter and need to watch something sad when i'm sad. i should just watch a comedy or something but no I'm a weirdo. But there good sad movies so that counts right? Anyway the movies that I watched were...

1) My Girl..This movie makes me cry so much but its the cutest movie
2)Benny and Joon... So okay this movie is not so much sad as freaking the cutest movie in the whole world! And the young jonny depp is not bad either!
3)And another movie that makes me cry and this one is strange but Uptown Girl makes me cry like a baby near the end. Not sure why its not even that sad well it is but not that muh. It could also have been due to the fact i wasn't in the best mood when I started watching it. 

4) The last movie for the weekend was something to make me feel better and not so sad but a strangely upliftin movie. haha okay maybe not uplifting but my life could be worse. The movie I watched was called Dangerous Beauty. Warning this is not for kids! It's about the courtesans in Venice. A beautifully done movie. 

Haha okay these are probably not the worst movies i could watch on my blah days but they work for me. Or I could have just popped in Boondock Saints and been fine. That is my favorite movie of all time!

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