Thursday, August 4, 2011

Pick up

Sorry for being MIA yesterday I was getting ready for a friend to come and stay with me. To tell you the truth i was at home watching tv, sleeping, and playing a game on my computer haha. But finally it was time to pick her up at the airport (oh and P.S her name is Lorena). i was soooo excited i haven't seen her in about 5 or 6 years! When we got to my apartment we talked had some wine and chinese food. After we stuffed ourselves into a comatose state we painted our nails and talked some more and finally passed out. It was the best night in ever! So I may be off the computer for a couple of days or I will pop in once and a while to post some pictures of our adventures around Boson ekk I can't wait!!!!

Oh and I am in love with a new app I got for my cell phone photos. It makes them look like old Polaroid's and its freaking cool!

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