Tuesday, August 30, 2011


People have been blogging like crazy about Pinterest and I of course rebelled for a little while and didn't even want to know what it was. I don't like things that are super popular. I'm a weirdo I know! It's just this weird thing I have for trying to not follow the crowd (I refused to wear leggings for the longest time and I only just started to wear them! I still will not wear jeggings though). Anyway back to pinterest I finally decided what all the hype was about and fell in love oh me oh my. This site it wicked cool! It saves all the silly stuff on the web that you love. For me it is a place to store stuff for the blog (mainly tattoo pictures i want to blog about at some point). But I have to tell ya I wish i got on the band wagon a while ago but oh well I am now and loving it! Here are a few of the awesome random things I have put on there so far (none of the tattoo stuff is going to be on here i'm saving that).

Random things i love:

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