Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Feeling the Love

Almost 500 page hits yesterday I am feeling the love on this blog. thanks everyone that stops by I am thrilled!!!!! I would be happier if people commented but that's life. Anywho I said I would post about whats going on in my life on Friday so her is goes. For one Thanksgiving is coming up and I'm excited my older sister Latoya and I do the cooking (Mostly the turkey and a couple of side, also a special dessert). And number two I have been kicking some serious butt in school (well I think so anyway). I will show you some of my studio work bellow. But other then that just having some needed me time. I have been really thinking about my life goals and what I want out of life after college. I should have figured this out a while ago I am 27 after all this needs to be taken care of already. but I'm stuck and frustrated with myself but hopefully i will get through it sooner rather then later. Any suggestions??? So bellow is the work that I have been slaving over for the past week or so. but the teachers were not so thrilled so I need to better define things and work on my core concept. But that's how you grow and learn from your mistakes.

Oh background on the project: The class is developing a Observation Deck/ Theater Space (There is other program but those are the biggest) for the John Hancock Tower in Boston. The whole thing has to be based on a Superhero and mine is Storm from X-Man.

My concept: The center of both the John Hancock Tower and Storm are very strong and important. The core of JHT functions on more then just circulation but also as the heart of the tower. Storms powers come from within her and through her. Because her powers are emotionally charged I wanted to add that same element to the JHT core. By developing an experience from calm to a heightened emotion from the bottom floor to the top where is busts out from the center.

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