Friday, May 20, 2011

First Post!!

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I am super excited to start my first blog! I am really not even sure how to begin it. I guess the first thing that i will start with is my favorite things.  And maybe that will tell you a little about myself.

1) I really really love wacky architecture...well all architecture in general really :)

2)Tattoo's...This one is my own.

3) Art (all art)... I also made this one too :)
   oh and p.s if you want to look at more please please visit my art site product placement.

4) Photography... not the best but I got a new camera (two actually) and i am working on it.

5) and last but not least in the slightest is my family i love them to pieces!

So i guess thats it for today i hope that you will come back and read more about what I love and whats going on in my life at any given time :)

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