Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Celebrity Tattoos

Im in the mood to get a new tattoo but I have no idea what I want but I want one now! Can you tell that I am impulsive :) So i have been browsing the web to see some pretty tattoos (I draw my own tattoo but I always need inspiration). I have been looking at celebrities with tattoos and found a few that I really love.
Vitoria Beckhams tattoo is so amazing. I cant have words on me because I would know what to write or what quote I would want on my body for the rest of my life. But the fact that is is cascading down her spine is sweet. (also probably hurt like hell) 
I really like star tattoos
umm..because hes hot
also hot (but he's my fav)
Rihanna's hand tattoo is so pretty. 

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  1. i love johnny depp's the most...probably bc i really love forearm tats. i just love that placement! great post-- fun to look through!:):)

    xoxo, Krista