Monday, August 22, 2011


First off I want to say a huge sorry to my big sis LeeLee for not inviting you again we are big tools and we are really sorry! So me and the family (again so sorry leelee) went on a road trip to Vermont. We are huge fans of family road trips. We drove across country from Fairfield California to Boston, Mass when I was little and we use to go on a lot of road trips when we were little. Now it's rare for the family to get together and do these long trips that we love so much. It was a long drive two hours longer then it was suppose to be because we didn't take a turn when we needed to but it was okay we got there. On the way we got pulled over and almost got a $206 ticket for speeding ekkk! But luckily the officer was nice and just gave us a warning. When we finally got there we walked around a lot and went to eat then finally decided to head home. We didn't end up getting home until 1am but it was a good day.
haha by brother doing beef jerky face (ha sorry inside joke)

My niece Kela and my cousin Katrina 

Alana sleeping on the way. She woke up not so happy she doesn't like bumps so she was a little upset whenever we went over one. But she got over it after a while and was really good the rest of the trip. 

my mama

my sister being a creeper haha she was actually looking behind me but it looked like she was looking into the camera. 

something to do on the 5hr ride.

me and the bro

there where so many cool old trains on the ride up. I wanted to stop and take some picture but no one else did so we drove on boo.

we had to stop and get some snacks of course. Whats a road trip without snacks?

Katrina dancing in front of the van silly girl. Oh and thats my daddy.

there where a lot of cows and horses on the ride and boy did it smell bad phew!!

We finally got to Burlington Vermont in one piece and without a ticket hahah yay!

awesome gargoyles on top of a children's museum.

I want one of these buses so bad!!!!

yummy baked haddock with mashed potatoes.

I took this one with my phone. I wish my hand wasn't in the shot but it still turning out pretty cool. This was some freak thing that happened to  phone not effects don't to it.

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