Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday madness

Saturday was an interesting day and especially night. During the day i hung out with my daddy for an early fathers day present. I got us two tickets to a wine tasting tour through Harvard Square and it was great!

first we started at a new hotel in Harvard Square called the Veritas ( it mean truth in Latin).
The hotel was made to look like the old Victorian home that was there originally. Very cool. 

I really loved the lighting in the hotel. 

When we were there we tasted some amazing sparkling white wine and one not so great white wine. the picture is of the good stuff :)
After the hotel we went on a little walking tour of harvard. the guide told us about how different harvard  building were connected to wine in some way. It was really interesting to learn different things about a place that I have lived most of my life. 
heehee my daddy listening to the guide talk.
oh and don't your love that iron style fence. I'm in love!

After the mini tour we went to a bar called Casablanca (named after the movie of course) then off to the final destination Harvest where lots and lots of famous chiefs have cooked (some have even been on the Iron chief show). Very cool sad part is we didn't actually eat there but maybe next time. 

After the tour was over i hung out with my sister and her sister in-law and a few other fun girls. This was the raunchy part of the evening where there was a  male stripper involved ;) No pictures sorry i don't need all that on the internet. But I will just say it was a fun night with the girls.

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