Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Up coming DIY

Hey all I have decided I need to expand on this little blog of mine.  I am going to try the DIY thing see how that works out. i will still have everything else that I have been posting. This is mainly because I'm bored. I have also recruited a friend of mine Jenny to do some fun DIY's as well. So fun right?!? Well today is going to be the first semi DIY thing. More about photoshop then actually crafty stuff that I will be doing but it's a start. Anyway I always wanted to know how people make those pictures that look like miniature environments without having to buy an expensive lens for my cameras. Anyway i found out how to do on a photoshop tutorial. (you could probably go to the photoshop site to see how it's done but i thought I could do a tutorial just as nifty) Okay enough talk here are the steps....

1)get a picture that you like. Landscape pictures work best.

This will be on the left side under the ink colors.

the line should start in the middle of the page if you want this effect

Remove the quickmask on the bottom left (the first button you clicked)
sorry the text is hard to read. The next step is to click on the filters in the menu bar and go to blur.When you are in the blur section (drop down list) click on the lens blur. When your here you have to hit the Invert button or it won't work. Then after tat you can play around with the blur to where you like it. 

to make it toy like you can play with the saturation of the picture. The more saturated the more fake it looks.

I hope you have fun playing around with this I did :)

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