Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Home Theaters

Some people get way to into movies. These home theaters are the pinnacle of obsessed. (I secretly want one haha) It's fun but can you really live with it all the time? I also get bored of things really easily so having something so theatrical thats permanent is a little much for me. Plus I can spend $2.5 million on something way more useful like my college freaking education. (p.s give me  scholarship people!) I do have to give it to them they really get into the details and it turns out really good.
pirates of the Caribbean theater in progress.

Batman theater
images via unplggd
Star Wars inspired theater

If you could what movie would you base your home theater on? Mine would probably be....hmmm...Burlesque (old school theater with lots of red velvet and gold with a stage so me and my friends can act out the movie like rocky horror picture show).

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