Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July!

I had an amazing 4th weekend with my best friend and the family. On Saturday me, my mom, sister, and nieces went to the beach and it was sooo hot out but I love the heat so it was awesome! I don't have any pictures of that today because i took them with my toy camera and still need to get the film developed (I still haven't finished the roll so it may take a while for those pics). Sunday was a lazy day watching movies and bad tv. But friday was my favorite for one it was the fourth yay and two i had a good day with the bestie Amanda. We had the best picnic ever with salad, fruit, nuts, and juice (this may have had be some very yummy adult style juice :) ) Then we went to the fireworks which were amazing this year! After the fireworks ended we didn't feel like leaving so we found a beach ball and named it fred and then had a walking adventure around boston. it was a very long but happy day. Okay enough talk on to the pictures!

Amanda pigging out haha

I ended up taking 108 picture today ekk.

does't this one look like a grumpy monster heehee

meet fred the beach ball :)

our adventure around boston taking silly pictures

At the end of the night we went to a bar called the Oyster Bar and they had tis really cool wall mad up of all oyster sells and this amazing mural of a cityscape it was pretty cool. 

So how was everyone else's fourth??

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