Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Art day is everyday!

I think this art day is everyday post is going to be reoccurring because there are so many artist out there that blow my mind. It is really hard to come up with something that has meaning, is beautiful, and inspiring all in one. i am lucky if i can create something mediocre. Anyway art is also just a really huge part of my life and I think people should know whats out there. Here are some pieces that i have fallen for in the last couple of days.
No Second Chance by Neil Warburton

This is a piece made by Artists of Humanity. They design this sculpture to commemorate 25 individuals that helped with the fight against AIDS. 
In Mortal Repose (bronze and concrete) by Diana Al-Hadid
Cenotaph for two also by Diana Al-Hadid both Images from Marianna Boesky Gallery

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