Thursday, July 7, 2011


I am a HUGE fan of lofts! i really want to live in one somewhere in London if I could :) I really like the industrial looking one though not so much the new shinny modern looking ones. I have said before I really like old looking buildings they just have way more character and life to them. I ran across these beauties on Apartment Therapy.
ekk spiral stairs are my fav!!!!
I love this floor the peeling concrete is amazing!
A small space but I could totally see myself curled up on this sofa reading a good book. I'm in love...oh sigh.
So you know how i just said that i don't like the shinny new lofts. Well this is one of them and the only reason why i am putting this picture is because I like the ceiling and thats pretty much it. This space feels a little dead to me. Right or am I crazy?!

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