Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tree House

I have wanted a tree house for a while pretty much my whole life but the problem was there wasn't a tree that we could use for one. Plus no one in my family is a builder my dad tried to make some temporary stairs down to the basement from outside and it wasn't pretty and kind of hazardous we still don't use them :/ . But when i ran across these wonderful tree houses I wanted one all over again and I'm 27 years old haha. I'm just a big kid i know. Wouldn't you want one too i mean come on their freaking amazing!
This ones pretty awesome but i would like mine higher off the ground (They need a bigger tree)
I love this one!!!
This one looks like it's going to fall apart at any moment but the look of it is pretty cool. it's like and only lady lives there (witch perhaps...if it was a fairytale).

I actually like the tree more then the house :)
All images from Home & Garden Tips

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