Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Urban Design

I am not much of a landscape person the less work the better for me. I actually don't really care whats in peoples yards or how a public space looks (And I should I'm going to be an architect :/ not landscape but still) But when I ran across Chyutin Architects, and West 8 architects' public spaces I fell in love! The simple lines they use to create different spaces are so elegant and clean.

The public space by Chyutin for Ben-Gurion Campus in Israel is going to be a future connection space to an art gallery that will be built there. it is meant to be a juxtiposition to the campus building and the gallery. This is my kind of garden very little to take care of but has a big statement. 

The Wonder Holland in Italy is an instillation done by West 8 Architects and it is just wonderful. this was a piece that was particularly difficult to design because it is built on an archeological site of the ancient ruins of Marcati di Traiano and one of the restriction for the project was that they couldn't disturb or move any part of the site. So what they did as you can see was build on top of it highlighting some of the larges pieces of the fallen building. 
Rees Wave Deck in Canada also done by West 8 architects is one of my favorite designs (I want to go to Canada just to see this waterfront public Deck!) The design allows for seating to watch the boats as well as an great haptic experience. Ekk they need to build one here in Boston!

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