Thursday, August 11, 2011

Superheroes and skyscrapers

So it's Lorena's second to last day here in Boston so sad! :( We went walking around Newbury Street not because it's cool but because i had to sign up for class ugh! But we still had fun walking up and down the street. I don't have pictures today of our little adventure I didn't feel like taking out my camera. After we went to my school and did what needed to be done we met up with one of her old high school friends and had dinner and drinks. It was really fun and hearing how she was back in high school so super adorable and funny. I am going to miss her to pieces when she leaves. But we still have one more full day so today after i get out of work we are going to go on another walk so i promise pictures tomorrow.

Anyway todays post is really nothing to do with Lorena's visit. I have architecture on the brain right now due to signing up for classes and figuring out what studio that i want to take. I got into a studio called Skyscrapers and superheroes how cool does that sound! Gosh this has been a long winded post so anyway why not show some pictures of cool skyscrapers and some superheroes as inspiration!

Illustration done by Victor Beuren on Society 6
Print done by Paula McGloin
Graphic by Danny Haas
Dynamic Architects is coming up with and amazing rotating skyscraper.
Real Skyscrapers and a heavy fog. How amazing are these photographs!

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