Friday, August 12, 2011

Lorena's last Night

I'm sad that it was Lorena's last night here in Boston; :( But I think we did a bang up just last night for her far well day. After i got out of work we took the train to meet my fiend Whitney (heehee she's going to hate me but I am putting a picture of her on here. ) and heading off the the ICA (Institute of Contemporary Art I am pretty sure thats what ICA stands for) because it free on Thursdays yay! After we got out we (meaning I) was hungry so we decided to go to this yummy seafood place called the barking crab. Finally to cap off the night we went to the movies and watched Horrible Bosses. It was the funniest movie I laughed so hard that my eyes started to water. I highly recommend it!!!!! It was pretty much a perfect summer night and I am going to miss Lorena so much!

heehee got you whitney

I sucked we couldn't take pictures in the gallery area. 

The awesome view from the ICA

This has to be the coolest room in the ICA the window tilts forward and it feels like you are going to fall into the water if you stand to close. Awesome!

I really love bridges especially the ones that look like they are going to fall down at any minute :) 

I had the best Fish and Chips at the barking crab. It was the closest to English fish and chips that I have ever had. So good!
A crummy picture that I took of the lighting in barking crab (I like it!)

here is a better picture of the lighting it was twinkly lights put into lobster catchers. I love it I want a couple in my kitchen of my future loft.

Lorena's the best hahaha!

I will miss you Lorena come back really really soon how does tomorrow sound? ;)

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