Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday

It was my grandmothers, dads, and uncles birthday yesterday and what a day to have your b-day 9/11. It's was a day to celebrate and to reflect on all the hard and wonderful times. For everyone affected on 9/11 we will remember forever! I hope everything that you went through these last 10years was only happy things! On a happier note I love my family to death! there is nothing like having a close family (sometimes a little to close...commenting on every single thing in my life.) but thats okay because I would be nothing without them. I adore all of them even on the bad days. I love you all and happy birthday to my uncle greg, my grandmother, and to my wonderful and funny daddy!!!
My dad on the left and my uncle on the right. 

A picture i drew of my grandmother. 

my Nannan :)

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