Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy yet stressful Tuesday

Hey everyone how was your long weekend? Mine was pretty good beside mounds of homework that I left to the last minute oops :( But I did get the opportunity to go to the Boston Tattoo Convention and it was freaking awesome! I didn't take any pictures inside because i was to busy looking at everything and all the people getting tattooed. I am so jealous I want mine really really bad!! But I think I have found a place that I want to go and get it done. Now all I need is the cash :] anyone want to start a Rene tattoo fund?? Anywho here are a few pictures of after the tattoo convention and a few things that i am doing in my studio work...if you even care but it will be good to archiving anyway :/
Bathroom pictures are fantastic! These are at the convention.

haha crappy picture and I always seem to get her when she's eating hahahah

Amazing food! We went to the Cactus club on Boylston soooo good!

Our sweet waitress took our picture.

Not finished model of a green house I have decided to build as my superheroes lair. Ha and my messy desk filled with building and drawing supplies...I really need to be more organized.

The messy floor/landscape plan for the green house
and this is why I am not in landscape architecture.

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