Thursday, September 22, 2011

Other peoples society 6

I have been promoting peoples artwork on society 6 like crazy lately(ok always!). Mostly because there are some amazing artists out there that need to know they are great! The other reason is because I have huge respect for people that get their work out there it's nerve racking, scary, and hard mostly scary for me anyway. I actually tried to encourage a person that i met  not long ago to put his work up for sale I hope he does it :). Here are a couple of people that I have been promoting as of late. (by the way people not a part of society 6 can promote peoples work just by clicking the promote button)
by Dominic Episcopo
by MyAmbeon
by Vivian Lau
by Elle Hanley Photography
by Ross Gilmore
by Diamante Murru
by Erica Williams
by Chump Magic
by Lindsay Hand

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