Monday, October 3, 2011

Tattoo Monday: Cameras #2

It's monday yet again and that means new tattoos. However, I am on repeat mode at the moment. I really loved the camera tattoos that i found a while ago and wanted to see if there were some new ones around the web. And boy was I not disappointed here are some of the ones that I really liked...
All images from tumblr


  1. i thought about getting a polaroid tattoo. i can't make up my mind though! everytime i think i know what i want i get cold feet and change my mind!

  2. You need to keep a picture of it for at lest a month and look at it every day. If your not sick of it or hate it by the end of the month I think you should get it. but if you keep changing your mind then I would go with no it's not for you.