Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Nefelejcs Project

I am re-posting this amazing piece(s) of art from colossal because i thought it is the best thing i have seen in a while. A group of artists named themselves merge invisible with backing from Ludwig Museum in Budapest came together to create a group of murals on the side of a few buildings. But these are no ordinary murals they are what was the past. These black and white x-ray like murals are of the building that were once attached to these existing buildings. The group did some research of neighbors, site history, and some guessing from the vague outlines on the existing buildings facade. They are making the past real again in an almost poetic way. I find there work to be fascinating and beautiful. the photography was shot Preciz Photogarphy. But i got the there images from their facebook page merge invisible and colossal.

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