Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New DIY Ideas

I am in the mood to do a little bit of creating. So I decided to go online and look at some new DIY ideas that could be fun and easy. I actually already did a pretty fun photo transfer thing that I want to try out on a larger scale. I will share that with you guy's tomorrow or sometime this week not sure when. But here are some other really cool ideas that i want to ry out soon.
these lanterns look pretty amazing not sure how hard it would be to make a couple but heres to trying new things.
I really need to make this for my best friend she would go crazy! Love it!!!
 want one in black and red my two favorite colors
Better then real flowers :)
I really need to make some new art to sell maybe not this one exactly but some sort of art. But if you are not so artsy I think this simple DIY is so fantastic!


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