Friday, May 18, 2012

Museum Visit

Today was a good day. I'm sorry about the no tatttoo monday post this week but I had finals and that took up all my time. But now that school has come to an end for the summer I have a lot more free time. I hope to pick up the blogging I plan on doing a lot this summer I need to fill my time well. Today was a perfect day to start off the summer fun. I had an interview this morning and I think that it went well. But after that i went to my favorite place in Boston (My sanctuary) the MFA (Museum of Fine Arts). That place is the most magical place in for me anyway. There was a lot of new stuff there and I had so much fun walking around and getting some inspiration. Next is a trip to the beach with the best friend. here are some images from the MFA that I was take away with...
I love Stained Glass windows.

This was probably one of the best parts about the visit. There is a place where you can watch a painting get restored. It was fasinating and wonderful!!!

This was so great a woman beheaded a man. go girl power hahaha

This was hanging on the wall about 7 feet high. Its a depiction of Lilith Adam's first wife. The placement was pretty amazing. it really felt like she climed up the wall and is about to pounce on you. 

Beaded curtain to go into another gallery. 

Another favorite portion of the museum was the fabric and fashion room. The room was filled with all fashion illustrations. They were all so beautiful! 

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