Friday, June 22, 2012

Art is my love

I LOVE ART!!!! I have always had a fierce passion for art in all forms. But I have always loved photography.However, I have never really been fantastic at it or even mediocre at best. I have four different cameras I would have five but my digital camera got stolen. But I have to say my favorite part about photography is the process that the film goes through when you do it yourself. I took a photography class in high school and my favorite part was the development of the film and pictures. I don't know why but i think that is the most personal and perhaps even intimate part of photography(that's just my opinion). I really wish  that I stuck with it longer it really is a wonderful form of expression and art. But I'm babbling and I am pretty sure you just want to see pictures haha. So enough of my life here are some new amazing, fantastic, and skillfully taken photos that I have come across that make me drool enjoy.


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