Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Books, Books,Books, and more Books

So i am kind of obsessed with reading i always have to have a book in my bag just in case I get stuck anywhere. I also read on the way to and from work (I take the train everyday), Ha I also stay up until like 4am reading a book if I get really into it (or on't sleep at all). Oh sigh sometimes I can be a real nerd but I love it! So anyway I got three new books (well 9 if you count the box set heehee) about maybe a week ago i am already done with one and I am now reading two at once :)

So anyway the first book was: Lost in Austen: you get to choose your ending it's kind of like a game in book form. you get points for answer questions right and subtract points for getting it wrong. I lost the first time I read it I died haha.

Number two:  Skin Trade: This is a kick butt women power book. She is a bounty hunter that kills supernatural things but way more hard core then I am describing it. Has anyone read Laurell K. Hamilton before??  Well she's awesome Im a huge fan!

And number three-nine: Harry Potter: Haha I know i am a HUGE nerd but I love them!

So what are your favorite books?? I would love some awesome recommendations.

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