Friday, May 27, 2011

Dancer Tattoo's

HA I know it's not Monday but I couldn't resist.I was thinking of a tattoo me and my friend Amanda could get together. We have been friends for 10 years (going on 11 soon) now and we both LOVE tattoo's and i thought what better thing to do then get a matching tattoo. i know cheesy right but oh well I'm a huge cheese ball. So the idea was getting a dancer because it beautiful and represent a strong, gentle, fierce women. So the sketch bellow is something that i have been working on for the tattoo but i don't think it's there yet so i have decided i need inspiration so I have been looking at other dancer tattoo's and here is what i have come up with...
(my sketch)
or this without the swan and as an outline maybe hmmm ideas are a formin'
something Amanda would love a zombie ballerina 
this one is by far my favorite and the closest thing that i want (In girl version)
google images: Ballerina tattoo

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  1. Hello! My Name is Valerie, I wold like to tattoo your desing on my feet. Can I do it? Thank you so much!