Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Long stroll

Today after work I didn't feel like going straight home so I went on a long stroll from Cambridge to Boston. It ended up being a 2hour walk that spanned 5 miles (haha i google mapped it to see how far i went). I loved it! I got to clear my mind and figure things out. I also got to take some pretty pictures :).  here are a few that i took today.
I want to convert this warehouse into beautiful lofts!

I have no idea what this is but i thought it was so pretty and I love the reflection in the picture.

I love the Longfellow Bridge from Cambridge to Boston.

The guy in the half shell skated off and landed on his back ouch! but he got right back up again and did it again.

so pretty!

I love Boston in the Summer it's such a great place to just walk around.
Whats your favorite place to walk around and clear your head?

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