Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I have n idea what to blog about today maybe I should have left last nights post for this morning. Ha oh well. I guess I can show you guys what I like around the internet today.

1) A Cup Of Jo's Bouncy Ball Post ... Love it can someone do that in boston. I <3 Bouncy balls :)

2)Improve is awesome... Improve everywhere mission (from color me kate) did a thing where a bunch of people made lots of noise by playing music, talking on there phone, and some other types of performance that made lots of noise. But then all of a sudden they all went silent but kept doing what they were doing before. it made everyone look like they hit the mute button. It looks like fun I want to do it now.

3)Staple City from Unplggd looks freaking awesome.

4) I wish i was a kid again because I want this solar doll house. Can you believe that they made a doll house that has solar panels and a wind turbine! 
So what are your favorite things around the web today??

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