Thursday, June 16, 2011

Ghost Towns

I am kind of creepy and i love the look and feel of abandoned buildings. i mostly see the potential in them. i guess thats the architect in me. But when i came across this list of the 10 modern ghost places on Earth I was intrigued. Who wants to take a world tour with me?!?
a deserted gold mining camp in Bodie, California
great picture!
Coal mining facility in Hashima Island, Japan
this one is particularly cool.  "In Centralia, Pennsylvania 1962, city workers accidentally ignited an exposed vein of coal while burning a pile of garbage. The coal carried the flames through the old underground tunnels and the earth has been burning here ever since. " So cool I want to see this!
this looks like something from the movie Water World. These towers where built in world War two for defense in Maunsell Sea Forts, UK. They also where used for pirate radio stations in the 60's and 70's.
A hospital that patched up Hitler (boo) in Beelitz-Heilstatten, Germany
But this picture is also really amazing. 
"Oradour-sur-Glane is a French village that was declared a memorial to the cruelty of the Nazi occupation. The village was attacked and razed by a division of the Nazi German Army in 1944. Residents, including women and children, were brutally shot and burned alive. Roofless shells of buildings still sit empty. A museum here commemorates the attack." WOW that all i have to say about this one.
Nitrate Mining Center in  Humberstone, Chile...I can totally see this as a school right?!?!

Kolmanskop, Namibia was a diamond mining village. Doesn't it look like some awesome art instillation? 

Craco, Italy was in the movie Passion of the Christ (never seen it) 

This one just looks like someone really traumatic and sad childhood. Very moving picture. 
Prypiat, Chernobyl, Ukraine (Damage caused by a nuclear plant meltdown yikes!) 

All very moving places they each have a different story but you can feel the past in every place. I love that this may not be the most cheery places but they all make a statement. Plus life is not really always sunshine and rainbows. these places are amazing in there own right i would really love to go and see these places for myself. 

Images and quotes from TheWondrous

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