Wednesday, June 15, 2011

DIY : Monster Teddy

I decided my first real DIY would be something that I have done before but never photographed. I am going to show you how to make your own stuffed monster! There really isn't a template just an idea and winging it :)
This is the monster that i made are going to have a different end product depending on the fabric you go with.

OK step 1) materials:
                     Fabric (anything you want these were just scraps)
                     thread, needle, pins (again any thread you want I chose yellow)
                     feather (optional you can make your tail out of the fabric you have)
                     marker for the eyes and the fangs
                     cotton balls or any stuffing you have around the house 
sorry i decided on the feather and marker at the last minute so no picture of that but you get the point.

step 2) trace your monsters body on the opposite side of the fabric you want to use.

Step 3) Cut out the body and make another copy.
It doesn't matter if it's not perfect you need to have a hem anyway (mine is far from perfect)

Step 4) Pin together the two body pieces with the design facing in you will be flipping it back over. DON'T SEW IT UP ALL THE WAY!! you need to be able to stuff it and flip it.

step 5) Stuff it to the amount you want it to be the more you stuff i think is the better.

step 6) After you stuff it you can sew on the extra bits and bobs that you want to add to your monster. I gave mine some felt horns, a few layers of heart pieces of fabric on the stomach area, and finally i sewed on the feather in the back for the tail. 

step 7) the final part is to draw on the eyes, fangs, and a little decoration in the heart. (All this is optional and can change with what ever you think your monster should have). 

I hope you have fun designing and creating your monsters!!