Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday not so fun day :(

I am sick yet again. I really need to take better care of myself oh well. This weekend has been pretty boring due to the fact i have been heavily medicated and in bed. But i have been watching some good movies and some Katy Perry music video (shes my favorite!!! I may have a huge girl crush on her. Can we be friend Katy??? lol) Anyway I thought I would post on the movies i have watch this weekend and my favorite Kate Perry song. 
Kate Perry's "Fireworks" Such a beautiful and moving song! I don't even listen to music either ever!
I watched "No Strings Attached" it was hilarious!! Best girl quote ever for her time of the month is "it's like a crime scene in my pants" hahaha you have to see it the girl says it much more funny then me of course. But it really was the funniest movie. 

I didn't think this was going to be any good but i was pleasantly surprised by this flick.
Oh and I have been prepping for a really fun DIY that's going to happen this Wednesday with a bunch people. (I will be posting about that on Thursday i think) Anyway i hope everyone had a fun weekend and have a great Sunday!

Image found on google images and the videos are from youtube

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  1. awww feel better!! tom and i saw x-men and thought it was better than we thought it would be too...we laughed with the cameos!

    can't wait for wednesday!