Sunday, May 22, 2011

Random Likes

I found a new site that i have fallen for...anArchitecture These are amazing things right?!?!

This is such a good idea i may draw some inspiration for future studio work. I love how the letters create the space.
These stairs are so fun!
ekk I want to work in this building. The industrial feel, with the huge work space, oh and the models!
So i am also a huge reader and i have tons of book i really want the built in shelves and the pull out book shelf is awesome!
Heehee I found this video on YouTube. People actually created a real life UP house! Gosh i wish i could have been there to see that!


  1. are these pictures you just found on line or are they ones you took Rene

  2. yes they are just pictures from the internet. They are from this blog called anArchitecture.