Monday, June 27, 2011


MoMa's PS1 Young Architects Program is in it's 12th year and being hosted for the first time in Italy swoon i want to go! But I think this program is the coolest it allows young architects to compete for a chance to create an instillation that will be apart of some great events hosted by the MoMa group. The space they create is a temporary outdoor space that incorporates water, seating, and some form of shade.    There have been some great wins in the past this one is the winner for 2011. 
Images from CubeMe
stARTT created a grass pavillion that has giant red poppies. I am not sure where the water comes into play but the other parts are amazing!

Here are some of the past winners and I think they are pretty spectacular as well. 

This one was called Pole Dance by Solid Objectives - Idenburg Liu

I really like this one it was very interactive. Having a waiting pool make the space feel extremely inviting for all ages. 

WORKac was the 2008 Winner. These cylinders where huge there is a person in the second picture laying down can you see him?

But there are 12 years of winners and they all deserve to be on this post but thats all lot of picture so you should check out the link here to see all the amazing installations.

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