Tuesday, July 26, 2011

5 things I am happy about :)

So the last 24 hours has been a swift kick in the gut. I am sad that no one commented on the give away there is still time but I'm not holding by breath. Life goes on and better things come along. So today I thought I would just post about my favorite things in my life at the moment.

#1) I am getting a Kindle today and I'm super excited I needed one bad I am a really big reader. I'm currently reading two books at the same time :) One before bed and another for the train ride to and from work.
I got it from Amazon they are having a sale!

#2) I found out that i was carrying around a lucky coin. Really it says "may good luck always accompany the bearer". Ha I thought it was so cute i am now going to carry it around with me see if my luck changes. 

#3) Violent movies are the best when all you want to do is punch someone :) i had one of those day and I felt like punching myself for being an idiot. It was one of those moment when I shouldn't have said something when i did oops. but instead of acting out this violent tendency i watched The Fighter with Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg). It also kind of had me think of getting back into kickboxing.

#4) Know that my daddy passed his test to get his aircraft mechanic license yay daddy! We are all very proud of you!!!

#5) And last but not least I am very happy for all my friends and family they are the best even when I don't like you all that much haha just kidding. (no picture for this one that would just bog down your computers mine is already running slow with just these) 

But that is what i am happy for right now and the last one forever.  Keep on keeping on (heehee reference to the movie Joe Dirt anyone see it so funny)

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