Monday, July 25, 2011

Give away

So i have decided to give one of my art pieces away mainly because I am to chicken to ask this local coffee shop to display my work. So if you want a signed copy (these are mini prints so the are about 5x8in.) please leave a comment on the blog saying which one you like best from the ones bellow(mummy if you want one i can order one for you because I know you are going to be the first person to comment). I really hope more then one person comment haha. Okay so please pick from the bellow picture you like the most I will be randomly selecting who gets it on Thursday (Names in a hat people) and Announcing the winner on Friday.
"Bad Queen"
"Stop Lost"
"Whirl Wind"
"A Mother's Love" The picture is a little darker then this one
"Medusa's Prayer"


  1. i would have put my name in the ring for the giveaway but i've already been spoiled with my very own rendition of whirlwind. such a spoiled girl i am!

  2. it all good I'm over it. I totally forgot I made you a crappy one haha. I really should do a different one for you I didn't end up liking that one. So are you home yet??