Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY: Kindle Case

So instead of buying a case for my brand new kindle (ekk i love it so much!!!) I decided to make one. It's pretty easy to make so I wanted to show you all the method to my madness haha. Anyway here it goes.

Materials:  Scissors
                 Foam (Optional I didn't end up using it but it could be used for extra padding)\
                 Hot Glue Gun
                 Cardboard or chipboard
                 Fabric and ribbon for the closer

Step 1: Cut out the fabric, foam, and cardboard a few inches bigger then you device. I just eyeballed it but you can measure the size of the device and add about 1/2 inch to all sides. The fabric was one large piece that was again a few inches larger then the two cardboard pieces side by side.
Step 2: hot glue the fabric to the cardboard and fold the edges down so you have fabric covering the edges of the cardboard. Then with the extra fabric or the foam which ever you want cut out a piece that covers the inside that hides the cardboard all together. I also added some extra fabric at the ends so the kindle would fall out the ends.
Step 3: Finally to hold it closed I hot glued a piece of ribbon to the outside. And your done yay!

Sorry the images are kind of crummy but you get the point. Enjoy!

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