Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saturday Night with friends

So during the day I did some work and i thought i needed a fun night out. Me and Amanda went over to our friend Jill's house to have some wine and champagne (because we're fancy). Her roof deck is such a nice place to sit and watch the party boats and coming up with funny inside jokes (roof deck heeehee that's for Amanda and Jill). then we headed out to the north end to meet up with a couple more people so much fun! How was you Saturday night?
These pictures are not in order i am to lazy to move them around haha.

How awesome is this roof deck it comes with it's own bottle opener :)

Jill's niece had her hello kitty themed party at her house and we wear a party hat for the beginning of the night

Amanda laughting he butt off

watching the party boats go by

me and amanda trying to get ready for pictures

we played with zoe for a while she so freaking cute!

Sunset on the roof deck

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