Monday, July 11, 2011

Tattoo Mondays: Half Sleeve

I have been really thinking about getting a half sleeve done on the upper right arm. I am not sure exactly what I want and it usually takes me about a month or two to fall in love with any tattoo. I usually draw it up and look at it everyday for that month or longer and if I still love it after looking at it everyday then i will get it. Plus mostly all of my tattoos mean something to me in some way so that is an added thought in tattoo picking for me. But i have the spot i want and now to get inspiration for the design. I am more of a black and gray tattoo girl myself I just don't think color would go with my personality/style. So most of this post will be black and gray sorry people. Anyway here are a few half sleeve ideas that have me feeling more inspired.
I am really in love with this one. I want something architecture related and this outlined house with all the activity in it is a pretty awesome idea and something to work off of.
I just thought this one of the birdies was freaking adorable!
All Images are from Evil Tattoos

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