Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family weekend

Sorry i have been MIA this weekend but I was spending some time with my funny family. On Saturday me, my oldest sister her two kiddies, my mom, and my other little niece went to the pool that's down the street from my parents house. They live in such a great neighborhood the street is so quiet but its close to a huge field and a public pool. We had so much fun there when we were kids. We also get really silly when we are together and act younger then the kiddos haha. Saturday night I went out with my brother, dad, and sister it was sooo much fun! We went to a couple of the bars that my dad hangs out in and met up with his hilarious friends. Sunday was pretty amazing to we had a bbq and most of the family and friends came over. I ate so much food I have a wonderful food baby in my tummy :) So how was everyones weekend good I hope??

Saturday: Day
me and my oldest sister being silly :)

my sisters kiddies Those kids are getting so big I still see them as 2 haha.

my mom, me, and the youngest niece!

 Saturday: Night

me being silly with my brothers fedora hat. 

my brother


me and my daddy :) !
my dad and his bartender friend being goofy. It was pretty much the funniest part of the night!

Also met up with a few of my sisters friends. 

My dad trying on my sisters hat silly man :o)

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