Thursday, August 18, 2011

Last night

So i spent sone time with my friend Whitney having home made tacos and making a cool little pouch to put all my school supplies into. I didn't take any photo of the process nor is this going to be a DIY but it was super easy and fun to make (that is if you can sew). But we just hung out talked about school coming up and how we are both stressing out about everything in life. Today is another stressful day I have an little school interview thing that will result in another design load on my already overflowing plate this semester. Oh well whats life without work right? I just hope that i have time to blog when this all starts. You all may be seeing more school stuff then anything else (good way to document my work I guess) but i promise there will still be tattoo mondays since a heck of a lot of you love that stuff. I love it to so no harm! Anyway better get back to doing my final school work for the summer.

here are a few picture of the bag I made!

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