Friday, August 5, 2011

Outing with Lorena!

Had a great night with my friend Lorena. I had to work during the day but then I met up with her downtown to travel to my friend Amanda's bar Local 149. I got some amazing mussels there yummy I loved them!!!! Then we had some drinks and drew some silly things on the chalk board wall they have there. We had a lot of fun she was a tinny bit hung over today so we stayed in and watched movies and tv all day. I hope everyone else is having a fun weekend :D!!! Oh and these pictures are not in order so it's not a timeline.

The best Mussels yummmmm

Me and Lorena at the Beach in Southie


The chalk drawing i did at the bar. Haha silly fun times I love it!

Lorena's message

Amanda working

Hahaha Lorena's funny laughing cow commercial drawing

So excited shes here!!!!!!!

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