Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Amazing Design

Ha i just came across this really bizarre site that has the wackiest furniture I have ever seen! The site is called Moggit and it definitely made me laugh at some of the furniture pieces. Take a look at what I found...
The telephone/ coffee machne...Umm can I have one???
This one kind of freaks me out I am terrified of spiders it gives me the willy just looking at this (seriously I need help haha)
grumpy monster chairs are the best!
Hahaha ewww gross but sooo funny!
I am also in Love with this light deer head. My best friend would go bananas for one o these.
Umm okkkaayyyy....

I only put the pictures I thought were funny there are also some really good ideas on the site. Have i convinced you to check it out yet?!?! Haha just kidding but if you do want a laugh you should. 

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