Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Gosh sorry for the late post I have been super busy at work and I have a presentation tonight for my studio so wish me luck. Anyway i was looking at all my pinterest pictures and I haven't really been putting any of my architecture/Design so here it goes!

#1 This Urban landscape design by arch shop is so intriguing. This would make a pretty awesome public space.
#2 I am in love with the green hallway/railroad thingy. It reminds me of the secret garden so pretty!
#3 Can I please have a set of stair with a slide... I mean really come on someone build me this NOW!!!
#4 This sun room and bed frame is so cozy I want to curl up and read a long book.
#5 I am not sure i posted this yet but if I did double the fun. This is such an amazing photo of the architecture in scotland...well thats what the original post said it looks to me like fleet street and jake the ripper is going to pop out from around the corner. Ha I morbid but I love it!!

I wish I had more time to post more awesome stuff but I have to run and go print my presentation ekk!! Hopefully a new post tomorrow bright and early. 

oh p.s. I did well on the presentation so yay me :)

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