Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long Weekend

Ahhh I love long weekends! The only problem that i have with them is that i get bored really easily so i need lots of things to do. Well this weekend so far has been really full and fun with family and work friends. On Friday night I went out with some work people and it was tons of fun :) On Saturday I had a semi formal birthday party for a cousin..He turned 50 and he doesn't look a day over 40! Anywho here are some pics from the weekend most are from the birthdays party. ( He also had a photographer at the party how fun!)
night out withe coworkers 

the birthday guy in the front

photographer pictures

My outfit (Red dress lady :))
Dress and necklace: Forever 21
Vest: H&M
Shoes: Hot Topic


  1. Looks lovely! Certainly not something to get bored over! :)

  2. nice way to advertise sis