Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Interactive Public Spaces

Today I have been doing some research for a project that i am working on for a local community center and it has been fun to see different designs for public spaces. I believe that a good public space has something for everyone and that you are active in the space. Hence the title of this blog interactive public spaces. I have found some really cool and quirky things that allow people to come together and well lack of a better work interact. Here are some of the things i have found for studies.

"All the walls are lined with a lightly frosted, translucent glass, backlit with dual LED lighting systems.  Simple strips of white LEDs provide general ambient lighting, while a system of large-scaled LED pixels are driven with a sophisticated interactive control system by Electroland.  The system uses several stereo imaging cameras to precisely determine the location of everyone in the room, even with numerous occupants." 
Where ever you are standing inside is reflected on the facade of the building so cool! Both installations from the LA firm Electroland images via 
and how cute is this They have these at some of the parks around Boston images via 1000 cutest things
There are about 60 Pianos placed around New York just for public play time. What  a wonderful idea and I love that each piano says "play me, I'm yours" and they are all painted a different way. Image and info from short story design blog
This one has already been around the web about fifty million times but i love the idea! The design is by Candy Chang so simple but so moving. via warehouse3

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