Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nap Time

Sorry for not posting yesterday I was super busy with work and homework. Today i don't have class but there is so much to do so little time. Todays post is a wish list of things i want to do other then what I have to do today. So lets go on an imaginary trip to all the things I could possibly be doing today.

#1)I could be having breakfast in bed....Or ordered some because I don't like to cook :) This picture makes me really hungry!
#2)I want to cuddle up with my new comforter and read a book...ok my comforter is not the book but how amazing is the bed spread ha!
image from

#3) Watching TV is always a good pass time...Did anyone else love this movie or was it just me???
What was the name of this movie again??? But her name was Coral Anne. She was my favorite!! Image also from

#4) Going to my favorite place in Boston.. The MFA! I always get inspired and calm when ever I go there it's great.
Van Gogh's Wate-Lily Pond image from wikipedia

#5) And Finally I could be spending some time with the Local 149 (Local bar in Southie) crew and Amanda.

So what is you relaxing day like??

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