Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tattoos make me happy :)

I am currently working on my portfolio and it is stressing me out! We have to do 3 during the course of our time at my school and this is my 2nd. It's probably going to be about 100 pages or so and I am only on the 8th page ekk. But it's not due until January 3rd so I still have some time. But with all this stress and and no time for life I'm going a little crazy. All I want to do most days when there is a rare occasion when i have nothing to do is sleep!  So bare this in mind when I post and I am sorry if most of the stuff i put up is going to be a little lame but time is not on my side. So in order to make myself happy and sane today I am going to post about tattoos today. Tattoos always make me happy!

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